July 30, 2021

Holy Cross Catholic Church
2711 7th Street East
West Fargo, ND 58078

Oxbow Country Club
40 Clubhouse Drive
Oxbow, ND 58047

*Immediately following the ceremony. 

About Us:
Nichole and Matt met through the modern-day, contemporary way of meeting people, online! Their first date was over one of Nichole’s favorite foods, poutine, while watching the University of Kentucky basketball game. Nichole knew something special was blooming when one weekend Matt invited her over to his parents’ house to watch a UK game, despite them losing to Duke the night of their first date. Now, to fill-in all the Northerners, not just anyone can come over when a UK game is on, so it spoke volumes to include Nichole. Nichole thought she loved her NDSU Bison with endless passion, well, you don’t know the love of a team until you meet a UK fan! And, she learned early on, that when a UK basketball game is on, you don’t talk while the ball is in motion which as you can imagine was hard for her as someone who loves to ask questions and wants an explanation for every foul called. 

Matt and Nichole’s love blossomed in the Summer of 2020 as they continued to participate in shared interests and travel.  A few of the most notable are Couples’ Golf nights at Oxbow with friends and accommodations at Hotel Tallakson’s, trips to Brainerd, Omaha, Washington, and Las Vegas that all have countless memories with family and friends.  Matt learned that birthdays are always celebrated in a big way in Nichole’s family, no matter what age you are turning, and to add to the excitement, he shares a birthday with his soon to be sister-in-law, Bethany! However, their birthdays are nothing like seeing the excitement of their niece and nephew on their birthdays! 

Shortly before Halloween of 2020, Matt was prepared to talk to Nichole’s father, Guy about “his intentions with his daughter” and luckily for Matt, Guy had been through this before with his other daughter, Bethany, so when Matt asked them to dinner it was not much of a surprise what the main topic of conversation would be. With Guy and Chryl’s blessing, Matt arranged to have family and friends surprise Nichole out at Oxbow after he proposed.  That evening, Matt and Nichole enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Cork’n’Cleaver and afterwards, Matt casually suggested going out to Oxbow to have a drink before heading home, and luckily Nichole agreed. As they were getting ready to walk into the clubhouse, Matt decided against opening the door right away and turned around, dropped to one knee, and asked Nichole to marry him. She was completely surprised and even more shocked to see our moms and her sister hiding and taking pictures of the special occasion. Once she finally figured out what was going on and that it was real, she said YES, and we finished the night with champagne, family, friends, and of course Oxbow’s Chef Scott’s famous Fried Cheesecake. It has been said that true love is rare to find, much like an getting an albatross, but Nichole and Matt would say that their love story is one that is right on par!
About Nichole:
Nichole is a fun, energetic, life-loving small-town girl who grew up in Devils Lake, North Dakota; her second home was her father’s grocery store: Wally’s Supermarket.  As a cashier being her first job, Nichole grew up with the grocery industry all around her. After high school, she moved to Fargo to attend North Dakota State University. Nichole is a Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the West Fargo School District; she just completed her 5th year of teaching and absolutely loves her job! She is the happiest when she is spending time with friends and family, reading, crafting, chasing her niece and nephew around, or out on the golf course. Nichole would describe Matt as the true definition of a Southern Gentleman, so basically Prince Charming!

About Matt:
Matt was born in Cincinnati and grew up just outside of Lexington, Kentucky in Mt. Sterling.  After a short-lived career in the golf industry Matt moved to Fargo, ND to help care for his grandmother and finish up school at MSUM.  It was during this time that he started working part-time at Hornbacher’s and developed a passion for the grocery industry, specifically fresh produce.  After working his way up the retail ladder Matt moved to Minneapolis to continue his career growth in various roles throughout the supply chain.  Matt uses all of that experience today in his role as Director of Sales and Marketing with SpartanNash.  Matt enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and other activities but his two favorites are golf and Kentucky Basketball. Matt would describe Nichole as a strong, spontaneous, supportive woman who is beautiful inside and out.